Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mis Caras (My Faces)

My professor Kyohei Abe asked that I send him my video self-portrait from 2007. I tried to upload it a while ago and failed somehow. Well here it is freshly uploaded.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monkey Bear

Matt had his 25th birthday this past November <3 Well love drove me to decorate my first cake with TRUE piping (pug pups were the latter)... all I could think of were monkeys and bears when it came to Matt. The baking and trying to make four layers as smooth as possible took all night, as for the actual piping I had an hour to work with. Overall it took forever, was almost gone in a few minutes and absolutely worthwhile.

pug pups

My pal Maria Filar and I made pug pup cupcakes for her boyfriend Danny's SURPRISE birthday party. mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Nastassia+Josh "Green Eggs and Ham Baby Shower"

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hallway Show #3

I need to keep up with the hallway show. Here is my Steve Buscemi, I picked up a mechanical pencil, pink paper and scratched away to my liking.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is my piece for the Hallway Show, it is based on the video BAD ROMANCE from LADY GAGA... you won't understand until you see it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I should be an art director...

For my 23rd birthday my boyfriend made me this cake. I told him I wanted everything that I loved that he happens to hate. I told him my ultimate dream would be a vampire wearing cowboy boots in the act of eating sushi. This was his interpretation, a vampire coming out of a cowboy boot surrounded by sushi. The sushi was the best part because you could just pop them in your mouth like the regular delicious stuff. And by the way this was Matt's first official cake as the self proclaimed "Cake King".


I have some ideas for such tags as these. Definitely a project in the works... I'm not used to showing step by step or progress of any kinda. Hopefully I can show more than the finished product with this project.

Illustration whore

I am a whore for my Illustrators.... I was invited to contribute to a weekly blog based around the tradition of creating illustrations of a chosen person every week for the Illustration hall at my alum C.C.S..... I enjoy their company and giant talents... they enjoy my hilarious and rapid interpretations. Here is my take on the given subject DANNY DEVITO... check out the blog to see real talent of my beloved Illustration family.


Infrared Babies... Circa 2004

Well I have been trying to somehow organize my work back in the day when prints were the only files to look through. These are from the year 2004 when I was taking a continuing education class through C.C.S. before I started my first semester there. This was also my first time using infrared film, does anyone even use it anymore? Well I had a blast with it and had my first work in a show from this roll, also my first publication in a book from this roll; one lucky roll. These are the unseen images from it and of a friend who has to be spoken about. Her name was Madison and she was (and I am sure still is) a compulsive liar. Her tales included all in one week being informed of throat cancer, signing a modeling contract for Apple Bottom Jeans and having the cancer "pulled" through her throat so that she wouldn't have an scars for her new modeling job. Yes at that point we knew the jig was up... but it did amaze me how she convinced herself of her own reality and although a liar.. usually a giving and fun person.