Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My boyfriend has a very good friend Gabe and he has an Amanda. Always together they make gabeamanda. On this rare day I captured Amanda without Gabe, (even though he was only about 10 feet away) and I can't believe I captured it! Jokes jokes... Amanda is great, she brought out sparklers and we had some fun!


What is the common thread in these photos... the intense amount of NERD provided by the presence of MAGIC THE GATHERING.

I admit... I enjoy it.

Milla's birthday party!

Oh summer birthdays

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Matt took me to the BIG MAN JAPAN MONSTER SLUGFEST at the Detroit Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute of Arts. It was sooooo much fun. During the day Matt and I had to search for Japanese toys to battle at the theatre before the movie. We had to figure out with could withstand an earthquake of sorts. With air guns on a rumble plate we each pushed our monsters toward each other and killed the weak. After battling small children and middle-aged men... I won!!!!! Free tickets to the DFT for the rest of the yearrr... so happy! I will scan in my new movie pass and winners button later... because it is worth seeing.