Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shopping WIth Friends

Eastern Market is a great place... with friends!

I need to get over T.T.V. but it is great fun and I can't help myself.


vince said...

you need to stick with ttv! i love it!
great work mic keep it up.

Micaela said...

Thanks Vince! We can be blog friends now, yay!

Brittany Noel said...

Don't ever stop the ttv! I am in love with it and only wish I had a camera so I could do it. My power cord is missing for my little guy. I'm so sad and distressed!

Also, I want to go to Eastern Market with you guys but I work. :(

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

It makes me think of the 70's...
and grindhouse.

These rule.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

The one with the clouds and old man and the tops of the buildings is my favorite. I wish you would take a photo of me like that.

Micaela said...


Stop working at starbucks in the morning.

We can share the ttv love.


Micaela said...

Chelsea I will take photos of you like that.

Sonic photo shoot haha