Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nike News!

Congratulations Individual Key winners: Jason Rau, Mike Pruit, Micaela
Ruiz and Brooke Houghton. Each of you will receive a $500 scholarship
The Team Winners from U of D, Randall Puzzitiello, Thomas
O'connor, Ashley Payne, Michael Prewitt and Brook Houghton will each
receive a $200 gift card from or Select work from
the Key winners will be on display at the Boll YMCA during the final 4
NCAA playoffs in Detroit. Nike also has plans to display this work at
the Nike Global Headquarters in Beaverton, OR.
Please contact me anytime
to discuss the details of your awards.

I found out on Friday. 

1 comment:

Stephen Donald said...

wow thats so cool your work is going to be displayed at Nike HQ!

Well done :D