Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was selected as "Senior Select" for the Photography department, yay! 
So basically:
I show at the center gallery with all of the other senior selects, and in my department, I get some cash, and I get to walk onto the stage twice at graduation, fun! Hopefully the school buys some of my work because that would be nice. I am very happy to be representing my department :)

He are some layouts of my receipt pieces.

I had a pile of receipts, and as my friend Ryan read them aloud so many memories came out and I realized that someone could really get the surface of my life when finding these little pieces of paper. I left a documented trail of my life with every purchase. These images that I have created are just the surface memory, I plan on doing more elaborate actual memories with each receipt, as a response and continuation. 


REC said...


You can't have 2 friends named Ryan. You should have a funny one. The receipt should have petroleum jelly, a 30 pack of Milwaukees Best, A large blunt object, aspirin and some small animals. Then the image should be too blurry to recognize.


Micaela said...


Brittany | the Home Ground said...

These look promising :) I so can't wait for your show, Mickey!!

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

1) Congrats on Senior Select.

2) THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING CONCEPT! I love it so much. Oh my GOD. I am floored by this. You are so clever and great. We should collaborate. That was a rhyme. My bad.

Seriously though, this is so good.

Unknown said...

love it, nice type as well!