Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Infrared Babies... Circa 2004

Well I have been trying to somehow organize my work back in the day when prints were the only files to look through. These are from the year 2004 when I was taking a continuing education class through C.C.S. before I started my first semester there. This was also my first time using infrared film, does anyone even use it anymore? Well I had a blast with it and had my first work in a show from this roll, also my first publication in a book from this roll; one lucky roll. These are the unseen images from it and of a friend who has to be spoken about. Her name was Madison and she was (and I am sure still is) a compulsive liar. Her tales included all in one week being informed of throat cancer, signing a modeling contract for Apple Bottom Jeans and having the cancer "pulled" through her throat so that she wouldn't have an scars for her new modeling job. Yes at that point we knew the jig was up... but it did amaze me how she convinced herself of her own reality and although a liar.. usually a giving and fun person.


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

i'm really happy you posted, dude. there's a strong narrative behind these photos and i really, really love the feel of them. you've improved so much, but it's so interesting to see where you were to where you are. progression is important to see. i'm excited to see what's to come.

Micaela said...

Thanks Chug Boat!